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Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University of Kosice


We offer the following study subjects in space technology area:

Space technologies include wide spectrum of technical equipment, devices and processes, which are used in space missions of space probes, equipment needed for space research or for human spaceflight.

Research and study of this area is very closely connected to aeronautical technologies, because space technologies are very often based on them. This research is at present one of the most important and the most complex scientific discipline consisting of wide spectrum of interacting subjects of the technical interest.

Space technologies, space science work and cooperation on development of various new processes, study and preparation of aerospace specialists, has a long tradition in our Faculty. Graduates of our school are also our four astronauts; from times of Czechoslovakia – Vladimír Remek, MSc, his mission back-up Oldřich Pelčák, MSc and later the first Slovak astronaut Ivan Bella, MSc and his mission back-up Michal Fulier, MSc.

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“Per aspera ad astra!”, or “Through the harships to the stars!”