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Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University of Kosice

Basics of spaceflights

Learning outcomes of the course: Students will learn the basic concepts of spaceflights.

Course content:

  1. Introduction
    – history of astronautics, laws,
    – legislation and space business,
    – terminology used in astronautics ans space sector,
    – ESA and benefits of Slovakia’s membership in ESA,
    – structure of ESA,
    – coordination of space research and space technologies in Europe;
    – Slovak institutions operating in the space sector,
    – Slovakia’s cooperation in space sector with other countries.
  2. The basic theories used in astronautics I
    – the laws of celestial mechanics,
    – tracks of cosmic bodies,
    – undisturbed movement.
  3. The basic theories used in astronautics II
    – disturbed movement,
    – cosmic velocities,
    – maneuvers in orbit and in open space.
  4. Space propulsions I
    – basics of reactive propulsion,
    – rocket engines,
    – specific impulse,
    – types of fuel,
    – fuel supplies.
  5. Carriers
    – single-stage vs. multi-stage carriers,
    – solutions used in present days.
  6. Ground segment
    – spaceports,
    – testing facilities
    – transport and communication systems.
  7. Space propulsions II
    – perspective and advanced propulsion systems,
    – physical propulsions (space dynamics).
  8. Artificial bodies in space – unmanned
    – division of artificial space bodies,
    – systems and subsystems of satellites,
    – practical examples and solutions.
  9. Artificial bodies in space – manned
    – division of manned space bodies,
    – life support systems,
    – practical examples and solutions.