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Space Technology

Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University of Kosice

skCUBE on its way to space (updated May 18, 2016)

The first Slovak satellite is officially on its way to space. After the final tests which were also in laboratories of the Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University of Kosice and in laboratory of Department of Space Physics of Institute of Experimental Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Kosice, is the satellite ready  for its mission. Curently is the satellite in the labs of company ISL in Netherlands from where it will travel to Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, USA. Vandenberg is the space port from where the Falcon 9 launcher will lift off with the skCUBE satellite on board. This base is also the last place on Earth which will be visited by our small satelllite. From here will skCUBE travel to its final destination – to space. This small cube-shaped piece of Slovakia will become the first space object which was completely designed and built only in Slovakia and by our Slovak specialists.


Mars: Naukluft Plateau in high resolution

This 360 degree mid-afternoon panoramatic photo of country Naukluft Plateau is made of 12 single images. The photo was taken on April 4, 2016. It is a part of the long term project of documenting the country on Mars which Curiosity crosses during her research mission.

New features on LF SPACE

Maybe you have noticed that the web portal of Space Technology of Faculty of Aeronautics (LF SPACE) is growing every day. We are adding more and more information and interesting links. Do not forget that we are here for you, for education and research. So if you know some interesting web site about space, space technology or planetary science and it is missing on our list, then please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you!

Space Technology of Faculty of Aeronautics – new web site

In occassion of an opportunity of further development of space activities of Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University of Kosice, we have decided to launch a separate website, where you will be able to find the interesting information on activities of Faculty of Aeronautics of TUKE in this subject field and also in other related scientific fields (space technology and planetary science).


Watch with us the mission of EXOMARS

Watch with us the interplanetary trajectory of Trace Gas Orbiter/Schiaparelli of mission EXOMARS, which is currently on its way to Mars. More information you can find on our dedicated web site here (in Slovak language).

Kozmický odpad okolo Zeme

Viete si predstaviť asi ako vyzerá kozmický odpad vrátane všetkých satelitov okolo Zeme? Pri porovnaní s veľkosťou Zeme, ide samozrejme o malé objekty. Viete si však predstaviť aké sú nebezpečné, keďže sa pohybujú veľkou rýchlosťou?


NASA odvolala štart misie InSight v roku 2016

Predstavitelia amerického úradu pre letectvo a vesmír (NASA) oznámili odvolanie misie InSight v roku 2016. Sonda bude následne prevezená do laboratórií spoločnosti Lockheed-Martin. Dôvodom odvolania misie je chyba v izolácii jedného z vedeckých prístrojov.

Autor príspevku: Ing. Jozef Kozár, PhD