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Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University of Kosice


Our Current Projects:

At present is our research focused on space technology, GNSS, planetary science and other related topics. Projects which are 100% covering this area are following:

Theoretical concept of small satellite navigation system for planet Mars (GNSS FATIMA)

Visualisation of the part of the satellite navigation system FATIMA on orbots around Mars. Blue color represents the areas covered by signal. Image credit: Jozef Kozar (MSL).

  • research of natural conditions of Mars and their influence on GNSS
  • research of interplanetary influences on proposed GNSS
  • analysis of influences of ionosphere of Mars on GNSS
  • analysis of usability of GNSS in application of technology research of Mars by use of surface and orbital devices (rovers and orbiters)
  • analysis of retransmission process, data connection and necessary ground control on Earth
  • cartography of Mars
  • research of navigation performance of GNSS in conditions of Mars (experimental simulation and analysis of coefficient of geometric dilution of precision according to the latitude and longitude in a direction from equator of Mars to north pole of Mars)
  • input data in project – live data from active space probes on Mars and from archives of inactive space probes (NASA, ESA)
  • research by Jozef Kozár, PhD

The information above was last updated on May 12, 2016.


The first Slovak satellite – skCUBE

Visualisation of CubeSat class satelite. Our satellite skCUBE will looks similar when delivered to low Earth orbit. Source: NASA

  • LF TUKE is participating on design, construction and testing of various parts of the first Slovak satellite.
  • Staff currently working on development of this satellite are (employees and researchers of faculty):
    Miroslav Šmelko, PhD., Pavol Lipovský, PhD., Marek Češkovič, PhD., Viktor Képeši, PhD., Ing. Tomáš Vaispacher, Ing. Tomáš Kliment, associate professor Ján Labun, PhD., associate professor Dušan Praslička, PhD.
  • Faculty of Aeronautics is academic and scientific guarantor of the project skCUBE.
  • We co-operate on this project with other partners – more information on web site of project skCUBE
  • photos from testing of satellite skCUBE in laboratories of Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University of Kosice (click here)
  • web site of the project (click here)

The information above was last updated on May 12, 2016.


Research in area of space technologies covers wide spectrum of interest. It is necessary to study also the environment where these technologies are used. Universe, interplanetary space, other planets and asteroids, all this is very specific and has different natural conditions and extremes. This is also the reason why we must focus also on study and research of planets and space. Our work includes also the planetary science in related range of study and research.